We have used an infinity loop to represent the multiple faceted resources and stages of the TZ Health business model. It involves technology partners, commercialisation partners and stakeholders with various areas of expertise and business potential. 

The infinity loop represents the many diverse open-door opportunities towards commercialisation. We are drawing from our continuous pipeline of technological applications feeding into the ecosystem to customised partnerships with best-fit entities to accelerate the commercialisation process, to pioneering growing market sectors like tech-enabled nursing homes.

The task of selection and channelling these resources is always customised. It is what we call our analytical dynamism – studying the developmental progress of the technology, the best-suited partnering government or private healthcare entities, and the best timing for the commercialisation launch.

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  • Welsh Wound Innovative Centre (
  • A*Star Skin Research Institute Singapore (SRIS)
  • Finland Innovation Centre – Rehabilitative robotics (with NTU Ageing Research Institute for Society and Education (ARISE)
  • CIMTEC Canada (with NTU ARISE) – 3D Ultrasound Imaging
  • SingCham (Singapore Chamber China) – entry and business facilitation into China markets

TZ Health’s key strength is its analytical dynamism. Finding and connecting the right—fit entities at the right time for HealthTech commercialisation.

•   3D-Ultrasound Imaging
•   Wound care technologies
•   Rehabilitative robotics
•   Diagnostic AI telemedicine

The Singapore pro-healthcare innovation environment enthusiastically supports AR HealthTech commercialisation. Government entities like NTU (ARISE), A*Star Accelerate, EDBI, CapitaLand are some of the supportive agencies.

Introducing Singapore’s unique test-bed real estate lab. This estate is where international and local innovative companies can develop, test, deploy and showcase their technologies. The special designated area in Singapore’s Science Park will be 5G enabled with dry and wet laboratories.

TZ Health partners CapitaLand Singapore in opening and expanding the opportunities for key technologically innovative companies to establish their presence in the pro-innovation environment of Singapore.

In-home private and nursing homes penetration of AR-HealthTech adopted into home patient care e.g. portable diagnostic imaging devises; wound healing diagnostics; rehabilitative treatment analysis, all made possible via 5G AI Telemetry development by TZ Health . This opens up greater avenues for a new breed of purpose-built AR-HealthTech nursing homes in the future.