TZCORE | The Commercialization Springboard of Age-Related Healthcare Innovations


The world’s fast-growing ageing population is an undeniable modern-age phenomenon. Many countries are grappling with the ensuing economic, social and healthcare repercussions of this increasing wave.  Corresponding longer life-expectancy is adding to the raising demand for new Age- Related Health technologies  (what we call HealthTech) to care of this silver tsunami.

By 2050, the number of older persons, aged 60 and over, is projected at 2.1 billion worldwide, 27.6% of the world’s total population. In 2018, for the first time in history, persons aged 65 or above outnumbered children under five years of age globally. (Source: UN study on World Aging). 

The world is not getting any younger. We will need better, more cost-effective and innovative HealthTech for the aged. The urgency is now. 

It is TZ Health’s mantra and fervent commitment to be at the forefront of expanding commercilisation of Age-Related HealthTech with our diverse IP owners, and business partnerships orchestrated from our Singapore HQ.